Wood: More than Wood / Choose Small - Harmonize Need and Will. C3 # 391

C3 editors

This edition presents two themes: wood and small-scale residential solutions. The first addresses wood as an age-old construction material, focusing on its ‘biotechnology’ aspects and intrinsic characteristics. It features eleven recent wood buildings by offices such as Ateliers Jean Nouvel, White Arkitekter, and Graham Baba Architects. The second theme looks at designs for smaller housing spaces and dwellings that are somehow related to the notion of temporary use, in answer to today’s urban lifestyle and introducing flexibility, new sharing systems, and a more communitarian way of life. It highlights projects by Pereda Pérez Arquitectos, EZZO, Arqmov Workshop, and more.

ISBN-13: 20925190

208 pagina's, illutraties in kleur & z/w, 23 × 30 cm, paperback, Koreaans/Engels

C3, 2017
€ 27.50