Forever More: The New Tattoo

Hannah Graves

Forever More tracks the scene's inventiveness and originality as tattoos continue to emerge from subculture obscurity. Just as the needle infuses the skin with ink, the artists profiled infuse life into current tattoo culture. In a scene where artists travel the world, often organizing appointments exclusively via social media, tattooing can be a lifestyle and a way of life. Featuring Miriam Frank, Duncan X, David Schiesser, Grace Neutral, Fidjit, Isaiah Toothtaker, and many others, Forever More explores their unique stories and iconic work whilst creating a comprehensive narrative of this dynamic and enduring scene.

ISBN-13: 9783899559262

288 pagina's, full color, 22.5 × 29 cm, hardcover, Engels

Gestalten, 2017
€ 39.90