A Magazine #17 Curated by Eckhaus Latta

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This 17th edition of A Magazine Curated By is a comprehensive immersion into the artistic universe of Eckhaus Latta anchored by the core conceptual twist of parody satirizing the tropes of a fashion magazine and in particular the longstanding tradition of a September issue. Eckhaus Lattas avant-garde approach to fashion is brought to light through its adoption and subsequent subversion of existing structures, whilst acknowledging the labels place in Americas contemporary art scene today. Across two hundred pages, Eckhaus Latta have enlisted a multitude of talents to approach their own work and the fashion industry through both scrutiny and celebration.

ISBN-13: 9789077745175

200 pagina's, kleur & z/w illusttaties, 23 × 30 cm, paperback, Engels

A Magazine, 2017
€ 20.00