2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial: Make New History

Mark Lee, Sharon Johnston, Sarah Hearne, Letizia Garzoli (eds.)

Make New History, the companion publication to the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial, invites speculation on the status and importance of history to architecture today. The book brings together an eminent collection of historians, curators, and practitioners—including Giovanna Borasi, Edward Eigen, Sarah Herda, Robert Somol, Martino Stierli, Philip Ursprung, Jesús Vassallo, and Sarah Whiting—and features over a hundred artists and architects from the exhibition. The 2017 Biennial focuses on the efforts of contemporary architects to align their work with versions of history. From the diverse voices within discipline, it examines the interplay of design and the broadening recall of and access to historical source material. In the realm of building practice, participants interrogate how sites are made up of the historical accumulation of materials, regulations, social conventions, and memories. Issues under consideration are the regulation and management of power and identity, what prevails and what does not, and how to recognize the significance of untold narratives.

ISBN-13: 9783037785355

344 pagina's, 300 illustraties, 20 × 27 cm, paperback, Engels

Lars Müller, 2017
€ 40.00