Dries Van Noten: 1-50

The First 50 Fashion Shows and Collections

Dries Van Noten, Tim Blanks, Susannah Frankel

In hundreds of fashion images and photographs of the fashion shows and unique locations, you ll get a complete overview of the first fifty collections by this Belgian top designer: the evolution and his coherent, aesthetic vision, his fascination for professional skill, his typical shapes and designs and his gift for combining unique prints and colours. Internationally acclaimed fashion journalists Tim Blanks and Susannah Frankel guide you through his artistic universe and give you an intriguing insight into this independent and exceptionally successful fashion house. The book is a newly published version of the historic book that was published in 2004 following Dries Van Noten's 50th fashion show. It is fully revised with new photos and new texts.

ISBN-13: 9789401446129

448 pagina's, 28 × 22 cm, hardcover, Engels

Lannoo, 2017
€ 69.00