Embossing, Punching, Guilloché, Engraving: Contemporary Artisanal Jewellery Production

Andreas Gut, Frieda Dörfer (eds)

Embossing, punching and guilloché engraving are techniques that have almost faded into oblivion. Trailblazing manufactory-style production methods in the nineteenth century, they were crucial to the rise of Pforzheim’s jewellery industry. Now they are experiencing a new lease of life in contemporary jewellery. The “Manufactory-Style Jewellery Design” project, including the “Pforzheim Revisited” semester project, fosters the traditioning of experiential knowledge through the collaboration of artisans and designers from three generations. This book documents the project’s success using interviews and archival material, explains how the machines work, and illustrates how a piece of jewellery is created.

ISBN-13: 9783897905108

56 pagina's, 18 × 24 cm, 37 kleur en 98 z/w illustraties, paperback, Engels/Duits

Hochschule Pforzheim & Arnoldsche, 2017
€ 29.00