Het wilde ding: Essays over nabijheid, liefde en dingen

Hilde Bouchez

This book attempts to identify and describe the often elusive qualities we experience in everyday objects. What gives a specific glass, for instance, more “aura” or “mystical allure” than another? Some things seem to have a bright quality that speaks to the imagination, perhaps the result of the methodology and intent of the creator. Hilde Bouchez outlines this type of conveyance, emphasising a way to both design and experience things that centres on an essential oneness between humans, objects, and the cosmos. Essays explore the history of design, along with the latest tendencies within the field, ecological aspects of materials, and the quest for sustainability.

ISBN-13: 9789490800598

304 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 12 × 18 cm, paperback, Nederlands

APE Editions, 2017
€ 20.00