Thomas Struth: Retrospective

Richard Sennet, Min-young Jeon, Thomas Weski

Since the 1990s, Thomas Struth has been one of the best-known and internationally successful photographers of the German art scene. He studied painting under Gerhard Richter and photography under Bernd Becher, a combination that decisively influenced his eye. His images have sold for astronomical prices on the world’s art markets and contributed to the fame of the “Düsseldorf School.” Our volume is a compilation of representative photographs from each series of works: street photographs from the 1980s; empathetic portraits― particularly of families; large-format “museum photographs”; nature studies; jungle photographs (“New Pictures from Paradise”); and, from the latest series, images from the realm of science. As this compendium of his work shows, Thomas Struth has succeeded in setting new aesthetic standards thanks to his great precision, chromatic clarity, sound sense of composition, and intellectual profundity.

ISBN-13: 9783829607988

320 pagina's, 420 illustraties, 25 × 32 cm, hardcover, Bestaat alleen in Duits!

Alexander Tutsek Stiftung & Schirmer/Mosel, 2017
€ 58.00