Costume Since 1945: Historical Dress from Couture to Street Style

Deirdre Clancy

From the austerity of the utility years to punk and protest to 21st century fast fashion and vintage style, the volume captures changes the mood and style of each era across street fashion, sportswear, formal wear from suits to couture gowns, underwear and nightclothes. Based on a wide range of sources, the author's illustrations offer engaging insights on fashion history as well as design inspiration.
Written for students and scholars of costume design and fashion history, practitioners and anyone interested in historical dress, this book provides a unique perspective on fashion from a renowned international costume designer.

ISBN-13: 9781472524249

288 pagina's, 140 illustraties in kleur, 24,6 × 18,9 cm, paperback, Engels

Bloomsbury, 2017
€ 28.50