Out of Fashion / The New Fashion

Birgitta De Vos

Fashion is all about exponential growth, producing faster and cheaper. With everybody rushing after the latest must have’s and do’s. We all see that this leads to copy and clone and more of the same products and numb customers. After years of working in the garment industry designer, photographer, artist and author Birgitta de Vos took a time out and travelled the world. One year became 10 years. One country became many countries. She captured her findings in this inspirational journal and retrieved her initial passion for textiles. She also realized that time is not something we are short of, but a present, we can only fully embrace, if we take our time and go slow.
Out of Fashion / The New Fashion is a picture poetry book embracing time as a treasure. Away from the fast lane of fashion it takes us on an inspirational world tour meeting forgotten textile makers and methods.

ISBN-13: 9789081005906

412 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 17 × 23 cm, hardcover, Engels

Limited Independent Publication, 2017
€ 59.00