Shapes: Geometric Forms in Graphic Design

Wang Shaoqiang

The multidimensional nature and simplicity of geometric shapes have fascinated designers since design's early days. The creative possibilities that they offer are unlimited, and we interpret them constantly. Whereas the rectangle represents symmetry and order, the square, with its equal faces and angles, denotes calm and neutrality, and the circle evokes perfection and infinity. Shapes: Geometric Forms in Graphic Design reveals how the most innovative studios and agencies continue to reinvent geometric shapes to create new design philosophies. This is an essential guide for those who wish to incorporate new insights into their creative repertoire.

ISBN-13: 9788416504541

240 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 30 × 22 cm, hardcover, Engels/Frans/Spaans

Promopress, 2017
€ 45.00