Unstudio: Knowledge Matters

11 tools to reorient and expand the architectural profession

Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos

A book that explores the changing role of the architect and explains the development of UNStudio’s in-house Knowledge Platforms.
The architectural profession has expanded in recent years, not just in terms of cultural influences, but equally with respect to scientific advances. The inventive economy has also led to new lifestyle choices and a new role for the architect and architectural practice. We talk of an architecture that is either pre-crisis or post-crisis, the latter resulting in a call for responsible architecture (affordable, sustainable, attainable and healthy).

These changes have led to a reorganisation of UNStudio’s practice; the introduction of Knowledge Platforms and the development from a network to a knowledge practice. Now compiled into an inspiring publication, Knowledge Matters recasts architecture as the conduit through which the passive reception of knowledge is reimagined as the active production of it. It is an exploration into a more agile form of practice, one that is scalable, relevant and opens conversations about the future of the discipline.

ISBN-13: 9789491727986

400 pagina's, paperback, 25 × 22 cm, Engels

Frame, 2016
€ 29.00