A.mag 09: Sergison Bates /Jonathan Woolf

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This instalment focuses on two British practices: Jonathan Woolf and Sergison Bates. Editor Ana Leal uses the word “serendipity” to refer to their respective bodies of work, describing how “the reinterpretation of the site, to acknowledge the culture and tradition of the place through local materials and techniques, is a clear example of an answer to contemporary needs… dictated by an extraordinary sensitivity.” Along with the highlighted projects it includes a conversation with Jonathan Sergison, Stephen Bates, and Tony Fretton. Featured are Woolf’s Lion Rooms, Lost Villa, and Brick Leaf House, as well as various urban and suburban housing projects by Sergison Bates

ISBN-13: 9788460862659

270 pagina's, 24 × 32 cm, paperback, Portugees/Engels

A.mag, 2016