Aires Mateus 2011-2016. El Croquis #186


Based in Lisbon, the office of Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus has developed a prolific portfolio over the years, gaining recognition through a number of awards. This issue presents more than 25 works developed within the past five years. Besides an in-depth interview with the architects, it focuses on both finished projects and as yet unrealised ones, including a number of renovations. Small-scale residential works in the countryside and city feature prominently, among them House on the Alentejo Coast, House in Time, and House in Ajuda. Public projects include the Architecture Faculty in Tournai, a Meeting Centre in Grândola, and the Islamic Centre in Bordeaux.

ISBN-13: 9788488386922

288 pagina's, 25 × 34 cm, paperback, Spaans/Engels

El Croquis, 2016
€ 54.00