Rudolf Schwarz and the Monumental Order of Things

Adam Caruso, Helen Thomas

The third book in Adam Caruso and Helen Thomas' series 'The Limits of Modernism - a Forgotten Generation of European Architects' focuses the work of Rudolf Schwarz (1897–1961) to provide a deeper understanding of post-war German architecture and a continuous European architectural and intellectual practice that bridged the Second World War. This book examines nine of his religious and secular buildings sited in the Rhineland, which are presented through new survey drawings and photographs. These are accompanied by Schwarz’s project descriptions and his lecture ‘Architecture of Our Times’ from 1958, which contextualizes his approach. Essays by Wolfgang Pehnt and an inter­ view with Schwarz’s wife, the architect Maria Schwarz, provide further insight into this complex oeuvre.

ISBN-13: 9786856763626

350 pagina's, 24 × 32 cm, Hardcover, 115 plannen en illustraties, Engelstalig

gta Verlag, 2016
€ 85.00