Dries Segers: Seeing a Rainbow (through a window that isn't there)

350 copies

Dries Segers, Philippe François, Dennis Van Mol, Eva Vermeiren, Jeroen Laureyns

Seeing a rainbow (through a window that isn’t there)’ is a “handbook” to contemplate the modern, industrialized landscape. A scenery that is constructed by standard-formats: colors, language, architecture, traffic, nature,… . Dries Segers offers you a way to handle that dull landscape in a lyric manner.

‘Seeing a rainbow (…)’ shows, next to the elementary beauty in the basal, as well the extraordinary. Everything we see is constructed by humans, we take everything as truth, normal, a grey zone. By using the metaphor of a rainbow (light + water – which everyone adores) Segers applies the color spectrum on what we are tired of seeing.

ISBN-13: 9789090289571

68 pagina's, afbeeldingen in kleur, 20 × 27,5 cm, paperback, English, 350 exemplaren

Dries Segers i.s.m. de Warande, Turnhout, 2015