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100 Chairs in 100 Days and its 100 Ways


thumbnail This project involves systematically collecting discarded chairs from London streets (or more frequently, friends’ homes) over a period of about roughly two years, then spending 100 days to reconfiguring the design of each one in an attempt to transform its character and/or the way it functions.

100 Years of Swiss Design


thumbnail The book presents the essential historical designs in chronological sequence, from the regional roots of the early days around 1900 to the globalized network of today.
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1000 New Designs 2 and Where to Find Them

no longer stocked, only to order

thumbnail A comprehensive round-up of the best in contemporary design. Featuring a huge range of striking new products, chapters include: Tables and chairs; Sofas and beds; Storage; Kitchens and bathrooms; Tableware; Textiles; Lighting; Electronics and more.

1000 Chairs

(new edition)

thumbnail More than any other piece of furniture, the chair has been subjected to the wildest dreams of the designers. This book devotes one page to each chair, displayed on its own as pure form, with biographical and historical information about the chairs and their designers.
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1000 Lights


thumbnail Presented chronologically by decade are the 20th century’s most interesting electric lights, from Tiffany’s beautiful leaded-glass shades to completely outrageous designs from the late 1960s and 1970s to the latest high-tech LED lamps.
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1000 New Eco Designs and Where to Find Them

OUT OF PRINT, newer edition available

thumbnail As we become only too aware of the damage man has caused to the planet, more of us want to furnish and decorate our homes with products that do not harm the environment. But being sensitive to the environment does not mean you have to sacrifice good design. More and more designers are creating products that are both beautiful and ethical. 1000 New Eco Designs is a showcase of contemporary product design and interior products that are ecologically sound.

1000 Product Designs

Form, Function, and Technilogy from Around the World

thumbnail This inspirational volume features 1000 of the best product designs in recent years, judged by award winning Ecco Design. Categories include furniture, electronics and appliances, computers, medical equipment, transportation, and much more.
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128 Colors: A Sample Book for Architects, Conservators, and Designers


thumbnail Dealing with color is a complex subject: influenced by standards, fashions, and trends, we derive our ideas and concepts from color theories, intuition, and personal preferences. The color swatches and systems for describing color common today are based on purely quantitative principles and include well over 1,500 colors. So how do we choose a particular color?
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21: Twenty one Designers for Twenty-first Century Britain


thumbnail 21: Twenty one showcases designers living and working in Britain who have come to prominence since the millennium. They lead public taste and critical debate; they are the innovators and the explorers of new materials or processes...
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21st Century design: New Design Icons

From Mass Market to Avant-Garde (paperback available on request)

thumbnail A fully comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the contemporary design landscape, 21st Century Design guides the reader through the often bewildering array of contemporary movements, styles and trends and identifying the most important designers working in the world today as well as the projects that are pivot-points for the future of design.
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