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100 Ideas that Changed Photography

Out of print

thumbnail This compelling book chronicles the most influential ideas that have shaped photography from the invention of the daguerreotype in the early 19th century up to the digital revolution and beyond. Entertaining and intelligent, it provides a fascinating resource to dip into.
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A Century of Colour Photography


thumbnail A testament to the glory of colour. (Dit boek is enkel beschikbaar in het Engels)

A Class of Their Own: The Düsseldorf School of Photography


thumbnail The 'Düsseldorf School' has become a household name in the art world for one of the most successful and influential strains of modern photography. Whereas ‘Düsseldorf School’ initially was used as a handy term for a group of artists with the same university’s background, it quickly turned into a powerful brand name both in critical and commercial contexts. What exactly connects and distinguishes them aesthetically is for the first time thoroughly explored in Maren Polte’s pioneering study.
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A History of Photography

From 1839 to the Present - OUT OF PRINT

thumbnail This volume shows in chronological order the most impressive images and the most important developments in the art of light that is photography. It provides in its huge collection and themes a unique survey of the medium from its origins until now.

A Vision of Yemen / Regard sur le Yémen

out of stock

thumbnail Sheikh Hassan Al Thani is a tireless explorer of the history of southern Arabia. A curious observer who is well acquainted with his subject, he photographs the footprints of this civilization, while pondering the country's future...

Abbas / Magnum: Gods I've Seen - Travels Among Hindus


thumbnail Shot over three years in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bali, Abbas's images examine the enigmatic beliefs of sub-sects such as Sikhs and Jains, alongside the everyday life of Hindus.
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Abbas Kiarostami. Images, Still and Moving


thumbnail Abbas Kiarostami (*1940 in Teheran) became known primarily for his films made in the seventies, which were awarded prizes at film festivals such as Cannes (Golden Palm 1997) and Venice. This publication explores the correlation between photographic and filmic vision, between still and moving images.

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin: Spirit is a Bone


thumbnail The series of portraits in this book, which include Pussy Riot member Yekaterina Samutsevic and many other Moscow citizens, were created by a machine: a facial recognition system recently developed in Moscow for public security and border control surveillance.
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Adam Broomberg + Oliver Chanarin. Holy Bible

out of print

thumbnail The format of Broomberg and Chanarin’s illustrated Holy Bible mimics both the precise structure and the physical form of the King James Version. By allowing elements of the original text to guide their image selection, the artists explore themes of authorship, and the unspoken criteria used to determine acceptable evidence of conflict.

Adam Fuss


thumbnail This book has been published in association with the unique exhibition of Adam Fuss in Madrid. Adam Fuss makes pictures of unrivaled beauty and mystery with traditional photographic and historical techniques. The results are timeless pictures; images which are a culmination of his enduring passions.
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