Zipped: Space in Small Japanese Houses

Bernardo Martin

TC Cuadernos, 2018


ZIPPED. The small Japanese houses space is a book about space in a collection of small single-family houses designed by independent architects in residential sectors of the main Japanese cities during the first years of the 21st century.
It is the result of a collective work experience in which 33 Montevidean youth participated, coordinated by Diego Morera and directed by the author.
A meticulous work of selection, compilation, systematization and redrawing of 80 projects subjected to a fierce field of restrictions that not only shows us the skill of contemporary Japanese architects to solve domestic programs in small spaces, but also reveals an amazing ability to manipulate scale, limits and distances, and immerses us in the infinite interior.


ISBN: 9788494824081

352 pagina's, 29,5 x 23 cm, paperback, Spaans/Engels