Zakboek voor de klimaattuin: Koele oases voor hete zomers

Marc Verachtert, Bart Verelst

Lannoo, 2020


Protect your garden from extreme weather conditions with simple interventions. In this book you will receive tips to choose the right plants and to buffer water optimally, but also to make your façade and terrace ‘climate-proof’.
The combination of heat waves, periods of drought and downpours will require us to adapt our gardens if we want to continue to enjoy them. With the tips and insights of Marc Verachtert and Bart Verelst, your garden becomes a refreshing oasis even during a heat wave, while rain and wind are no longer a fun spoiler. With shade trees and other greenery, a strong grass surface that lasts all year round, the correct positioning of hedges or garden screens, a pond or other water element you can adjust the temperature in your garden and you can sit and enjoy it even on the hottest days. .

Your contribution simultaneously has an impact on the climate in the street and neighborhood, because it also cools the environment: the more of these types of gardens, the better the climate in our cities. IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789401464833

176 pages, 21 x 17 cm, color illustrations, paperback, Dutch