Workbook. The Official Catalog for Workshopping

An American Model for Architectural Practice

Michael Shapiro, Jonathan D. solomon, Emily Abruzzo

306090 Inc., New York, 2010


out of print

From John Portman’s architect-as-initiator model to cityLAB’s research-based, innovative community-driven proposals, these works seek to define their own problems, audiences, and missions. The can-do spirit of each of these projects echo the collaborative, team-based methodologies of 306090 Books, co-presenters of the U.S. Pavilion with Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.

The impressive scale, reach, and beauty of the participants’ projects makes their ground-up formation all the more inspiring.

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ISBN: 9781616890179

127 pagina's, 80 kleur & 15 z/w illustraties, 16.5 × 22.2 cm, paperback, Engels