Wim Cuyvers: L’autre

Frans Masereel Centrum, 2020


At the invitation of the Frans Masereel Center, Belgian artist / architect Wim Cuyvers collected three brand new and nine previously published short stories, and added a pointed reading guide.
The 12 texts were written over a period of fifteen years and can be read as stories that span a lifetime. In compiling the collection, the genesis timeline was therefore consciously abandoned: the short stories seek each other out and in their final form belong together as one book.
‘L’Autre’ is for Wim Cuyvers, who in recent decades has been active as an architect and teacher, has published essayist texts, realized artistic interventions within the field of visual art, organized walks as urban research and has been in de Jura ‘builds’ on Le Montavoi-x / es, a refuge for people in need, no break: it is another way of talking about public space as a place to meet.
But the title also refers, among other things, to another recurring element in the lyrics: social uneasiness. IN DUTCH!

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ISBN: 97899492707031

240 pages, not gillustrated, 19,4 x 14,5, paperback, Dutch