Werner Mannaers: Convulsive Beauty

Tom McGlynn, Rafael Sierra Villaécija

Collección Roberto Polo, 2019


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The oeuvre of Belgian artist Werner Mannaers (b. 1954) has been developing since the 1980s and can be read as an extremely pictorial investigation. In his earlier works he mainly painted playful associations of motifs, signs and language, in which art-historical and philosophical elements played an important, sometimes ironic role. His recent paintings show a much deeper abstraction.
‘Werner Mannaers’ version of free form is a hard act to follow, mainly because his painterly repertoire has no determined trajectory or use value other than espisodicallly delve into the messy script or the contemporary method acting upon us all. That is: the script we must follow to make sense to the abstraction of societal representation, to constantly scaffold and shore our representative selves, to shape up and get in line in an increasingly administered and absurd world. – Tom McGlynn


ISBN: 9788409095087

200 pages, 29,6 x 24,5 cm, illustrated, hardcover, Spanish/English