Vocabularium: Kasper Andreasen, Raphaël Buedts, Sine Van Menxel (Edition of 300 copies)

Frank Maes, Melanie Deboutte (Ed.)

Roger Raveel Museum, 2022


The exhibition and catalog ‘Vocabularium’ bring together work by Belgian artists Kasper Andreasen (1979), Raphaël Buedts (1946-2009) and Sine Van Menxel (1988). The ‘collecting’ of reality is the basis of their diverse oeuvres and practices. Each artist translates the observation and registration of shapes, patterns, objects and textures in the world around us in their own way into a specific material or medium, which is itself also subjected to a thorough investigation. This process of searching, collecting and trying out crystallizes visibly in two- or three-dimensional images and objects, and inherently drives serial thinking and working.

The exhibition and catalog form a story, constructed from the visual language of three artists, each occupying a unique position. In their process-oriented practice, works of art emerge as words in an endless chain of meaning carriers and references, a vocabulary of personal and archetypal references.

‘Vocabularium’ is conceived as a combination of three solo presentations that are interwoven into a harmonious whole. The mission of this monographic museum is to reactivate closed artist oeuvres and to approach them in a fresh way, but also to provide a platform for contemporary and younger artists – this exhibition tries to intertwine both missions.


ISBN: 9789040304453

112 pages, illustrated, 27 x 19,8 cm, paperback, Dutch/English