Vincent’s boeken: Van Gogh en de schrijvers die hem inspireerden

Mariella Guzzoni

Lecturis, 2020


A compelling book that takes the reader into the literary world of Vincent van Gogh. “I have a more or less irresistible passion for books.” Vincent van Gogh was driven by his passion for art, for God and for books. Explore Vincent’s life and read about his favorite writers and most loved books. Discover the connections between his own work and the writers who inspired him so much. A compelling book that transports the reader into Vincent’s literary world. A world that the author portrays flawlessly. Vincent silenced his enormous hunger for reading and irresistible urge to acquire knowledge about many subjects. In the letters with Theo, which are quoted in the book, he writes a lot about the books he read. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789462263659

231 pages, illustrated, 23,5 x 16,2 cm, paperback, Dutch