Vademecum duurzaam ontwerpen van groene ruimten

Sylvie Van Damme, Pieter Foré, Els Huigens, Jean-François Van den Abeele, Geert Meysmans, Aurelie De Smet, David Verhoestraete

Garant, 2018


This vademecum offers tools for designing green spaces based on a sustainable ambition. First, a number of key concepts are discussed. It then shows how an integrated synthesis of multi-scale, multi-layer and multi-layer designs can lead to qualitative and sustainable green spaces. Specific attention is paid to practical “tips and tricks”. In addition, this vademecum contains a roadmap that describes the project process in seven phases to create green spaces, regardless of their scale, complexity or context. Finally, it also provides an overview of tools, such as analysis tools, methodologies, testing tools and plan forms. Sample projects from the Netherlands and abroad illustrate each part.
For beginners, such as students of landscape architecture, architecture, urban design and green management, this manual is a first introduction to
the exciting world of green space design. For advanced students, it offers an overview of the multitude of insights and practical knowledge that are currently available on this theme. It provides designers with additional expertise on green spaces, how to design and manage them, and the tools to develop and maintain them.
For green managers, ecologists and other project partners, it provides insight into designs as a lever for the development of green spaces and how this relates to layout and management. Finally, the manual offers clients and project leaders inspiration to design green spaces for all kinds of spatial projects. IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789044135619

475 pages, 31 x 25 cm, illustrated, hardcover, Dutch