Toon Tellegen & Ingrid Godon: Ik en mijzelf

Lannoo, 2019


In 2011 ‘I wanted’ appears at Lannoo. This book is completely separate from her work for children and for the first time also appeals to adults. Ingrid Godon made her own portrait series inspired by old portrait photos. The idea of bringing them together in a book was obvious. Toon Tellegen suggested providing the images with text. It became a gripping encounter between word and image. “IK WOU” was launched, together with a beautiful exhibition in museum M in Leuven.

The book ‘Me and myself’ is the result of a further collaboration between Ingrid Godon and Toon Tellegen, with strong portraits and poetic texts. Here’s a taste:

Now I see it:
I am missing a word
it has come loose, someone loosened it up,
it lies on the floor in front of my feet
it must be back in me,
so that it can no longer come out
inseparable, that must be it,
and only visible to those who look closely:
you.     IN DUTCH !



ISBN: 9789401462730

96 pages, 26 x 21 cm, hardcover, Dutch