Tim Onderbeke: Labyrinth

Edition of 500 numbered copies

Veronique Boone

MER, Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2019


The book Labyrinth exhibits a selection of extraordinary photographs by Tim Onderbeke (°1983) of architecture by Alfons Hoppenbrouwers, Juliaan Lampens, Paul Felix, Paul Meekels, Jul De Roover, Jan Tanghe, Lode Wouters, René Daniels, Victor Bourgeois and objects and sculptures by Roger Bonduel.
I’m very sensitive to the ‘appearance’ of a building in an environment. As I wandered through the Flemish landscape, I was drawn to the aesthetics of these properties and to the host of ever-changing impressions concerning styles, spatial planning, functions and eras.
I’m not an architect. I’m not guided by plans or texts. The architecture allows me to create a new image: the poetry of lines — which is why Le Corbusier’s Poème de l’angle droit is so resonant — , the compositions, the materials that are specific to the building. It enables me to discover architecture as an image, as something layered and complex.
I look at the architecture through the lens of my camera, the architecture exists for me as an image, not as an object or as a character. It is a search for a mental space that withdraws from the power of architecture.
— Tim Onderbeke

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ISBN: 9789463930857

144 pages, 27,5 × 19,5 cm, paperback, English