The Renewal of Dwelling: European Housing Construction 1945-1975

Elli Mosayebi, Michael Kraus

Triest Verlag, 2023


Most of the residential buildings in Europe were built between 1945 and 1975. Within this short phase of just 30 years, the stock was not only renewed, but also significantly expanded. The public sector has a special role to play here. Thus, the state and the institutions involved had to eliminate the existing housing shortage and at the same time had the unique opportunity to realize their political ideals.

The publication shows for the first time how a fundamental renovation of living and its architectural implementation could succeed against this background. The comparison of individual projects makes it clear which superordinate topics the residential buildings negotiate and how local issues find their way into the architecture.

The study is based on seventy selected settlements and buildings from seven European cities. Shown are projects from Brussels, Zagreb, Cologne, Oslo, Porto, Lyon and Athens.


ISBN: 9783038630388

504 pages, illustrated, 30 x 23,8 cm, paperback, English