The Art of Calendar Design

Wang Shaoqiang (Ed.)

Gingko Press, Berkeley, 2015


out of print

The Art of Calendar Design is filled with over 100 works that show how creative thinkers from around the world turn the day-to-day experience of using a calendar into one of excitement and artistic discovery. Projects such as daily-use trash bags or a month’s worth of dated chocolate reveal the playful, interactive side of calendars, while designs that allow colored in to slowly spread through the days of the month or feature specially-designed characters for every new day demonstrate the creative possibility inherent in a medium that changes daily, weekly or monthly. The full-color images and wide range of projects and brands display unique layouts, typography, materials, graphics and other key elements that are sure provide inspiring references for anyone interested in the possibilities of calendar design.

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ISBN: 9781584235835

240 pagina's, 960 illustraties, 28 x 21 cm, Hardcover, Engels