Team 10, 1953 – 1981

In Search of a Utopia of the Present - OUT OF PRINT

Max Risselada en Dirk van den Heuvel (red.)

Nai Publishers, Rotterdam, 2006


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Team 10 was of great importance for the development of post-war architecture and urbanism. It was Team 10 who first questioned the large-scale, technocratic and abstract nature of modernist architecture and who argued for the introduction of the human scale, the importance of community, and the perspective of a continuous process of transformation of place instead of the production of finished buildings. From the mid-1950s well into the 1970s, the ongoing debate on Modern architecture and the city found new life in this crowd of young architects spun off from Le Corbusier’s influential Congr s Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne (CIAM). The members of Team 10 had assembled as a subgroup within CIAM, but soon began to hold their own meetings. Their lively crowd–which included Dutch architects Aldo van Eyck and Jaap Bakema, Alison and Peter Smithson from the UK, Giancarlo de Carlo from Italy, and Georges Candilis and Shadrach Woods from France–debated the architect’s role in issues of modernization, the welfare state and consumer society. Their influential and inspiring exchanges were often sparked by the members’ also influential and inspiring projects. Team 10 left a body of thought and work that still speaks to architectural practice today, and will for generations. Team 10, 1953-1981 opens with an abundantly illustrated survey of the group’s meetings, events, and projects, includes essays from leading scholars on its work and its legacy, and concludes with a series of interviews with former Team 10 members–an unparalleled self-portrait of the group. Their influence on subsequent generations of architects has been immense, and one could argue that many of the achievements of the discipline since the 1970s were made possible by the issues and designs defined by Team 10.

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