Susan Sontag: Haar leven en werk

Benjamin Moser

De Arbeiderspers, 2019


No writer was as typical of the American twentieth century as the mythologized and misunderstood, lauded and sabotaged Susan Sontag (1933-2004). No writer dealt with so many different worlds – Sontag wrote novels, diaries and essays about art and camp, porn and politics, feminism and homosexuality, fame and style, fascism and communism. No serious writer had so many special loved ones.

Benjamin Moser tells the story of this intellectual and examines the work on which her reputation was based. He shows the harassing uncertainty that lies behind the public mask: the broken relationships, the struggle with her sexuality; what brought her writing to life and what made it shake.

Moser was the only one allowed to use Sontags private archives and interviewed hundreds of people worldwide, many of whom had never spoken about Sontag, such as her last partner, Annie Leibovitz.

With photos by Diane Arbus, Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol, among others. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789029539784

736 pages, 23,8 x 16,3 cm, illustrated, hardcover, Dutch