Spiegel van de werkelijkheid: 19de-eeuwse schilderkunst in Nederland

Jenny Reynaerts

Rijksmuseum & Mercatorfonds, 2019


Vincent van Gogh, George Hendrik Breitner and Jozef Israëls are internationally renowned Dutch painters from the 19th century. But Dutch art from this time has much more to offer. “Mirror of reality” is the first comprehensive overview of 19th-century Dutch painting in the context of the (international) art world. Dr. Jenny Reynaerts, senior curator of paintings at the Rijksmuseum and specialist in this area, describes this period with a fresh perspective and often based on contemporary sources. She sheds new light on changes in the art market, stylistic developments and the relationship between Dutch and foreign artists. More than 500 of the best and most relevant paintings have been selected for this publication: famous and hardly known works and even a number of discoveries. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789462301795

384 pages, 500 illustrations, 29 x 23 cm, hardcover, Dutch