Sociale huisvesting in Vlaanderen

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Tom Vandromme, Diederik Vermeir, Sien Winters, Bernard Hubeau

Gompels & Svacina, 2019


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Social housing in Flanders contributes to the realization of the fundamental right to housing for the weakest households. Social housing actors rent high-quality and affordable housing to a well-defined target group. At the same time, the supply of social rental housing is highly inadequate, resulting in considerable waiting lists. This could jeopardize the fundamental right to housing of households who do not (yet) have access to social housing. The social housing supply must therefore be urgently increased, but the financing of social housing companies is under pressure. At the same time, the principles of the social rental system are changing: the target group is more clearly defined through the temporary lease agreements and private developers are given a greater role via SVKpro. Social housing therefore faces major challenges.
In December 2018, the Housing Support Center and the University of Antwerp organized the “Social Housing Discussion Days”. For two days, policy representatives, academics and housing actors engaged in dialogue on the future of social housing on the basis of thematic papers. This book bundles these papers and therefore offers an interesting collection of different visions about the future of social housing. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789463711364

351 pages, illustrations in colour, paperback, Dutch