Smiljan Radic: Nenia Project (A+U 611)

Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen, Ryue Nishizawa

a+u Architecture + Urbanism, Shinkenchiku-sha, 2021


This issue of a+u features the work of Chilean architect Smiljan Radić. The monograph opens with Nenia Project – a memoir by Radić – divulging to us the amazing imaginaries, visions of the past and future, that drive his architectural desires. Nenia Project is a collection of metaphorical manifestos and Radical Architecture artifacts that have equipped Radić with “subversive artistic strategies” and “scores for object-based works.” On these pages we discover the mysteries behind Radić’s “conceptual approach in his own buildings,” as described in an essay by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen. Perhaps, as Ryue Nishizawa conjectures in his essay, Radić’s “designs are poetic because they exist in, or aim for, a state of freedom from meaning.” Twenty-five key projects ranging from sculptures to buildings, all produced between 2010 and 2021, are presented here along with Radić’s own conceptual drawings and paintings. In their collectiveness, as Nishizawa observes, we find a “sense of temporal progression” in the accumulation of visions and desires.

Nenia Project

House for the Poem of the Right Angle / Garden of Leaves, Santiago Telecommunications Tower, Fragile, A Tower of Wine Glasses

The Boy Hidden in a Fish, The Boy Hidden in an Egg, The Giant Selfish Castle, Gryphon, Kewpie My First Tower, Death at Home, Inflatable Bodies

Folly, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, Crucifixion Chapel, Giant Sofa Room, Ma(rra)queta Shelter, Celine Pavilion, Prism House + Room/Terrace, Chilean Pavilion, Chanchera,
Nave, Regional Theater Bío Bio, House of Alexander McQueen, New Museum of Santiago (NUMU), Solo Hotel, Hidden House in Peru, Drops


ISBN: 9784900212664

192 pages, illustrated, 29,2 x 21,9 cm, paperback, Japanese/English