Shanghai:The Architecture of China’s Great Urban Center

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Jay Pridmore

Abrams, New York, 2007


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Pridmore tells a story that combines art, technology, capitalism, and Communism in vivid prose backed up by extensive reporting and illustrated with superb photographs. After surveying Shanghai’s traditional Chinese and colonial architecture, Pridmore turns to the amazing city of today. In the last decades of the 20th century, Shanghai was seen as the engine of modernization in China. Leading architects from around the world, including Norman Foster, Paul Andrew, Adrian Smith, Kohn Petersen Fox, John Portman, Chang Yung Ho, Ma Qingyun, and Benjamin Wood were lured into competitions to design vastly ambitious projects, and towering buildings in a riot of different styles sprung up before planners could even map their neighborhoods. Out of this ferment of creative growth came the most significant “new” city of the 21st century.

About the author:
Jay Pridmore is an architectural historian and the author of numerous books, especially about the architecture of Chicago. Among them is Abrams’ Chicago Architecture and Design, now in its second edition. He divides his time between Chicago and Rome.

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ISBN: 9780810994065

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