Ruimtelijke ordening

Geschiedenis van de stedelijke en regionale planning in Nederland, 1200-nu

Len de Klerk, Ries van der Wouden

Nai010 Uitgevers, 2021


The Netherlands is made by people. The organizing human hand is visible in cities, polders, land development, even in nature reserves. The planned layout is as unique as it is famous. This book describes the intriguing history of spatial planning in the Netherlands, from the late Middle Ages to the present. Where does the strong tendency to order and planning come from? Those thousands of plans, did that always go well? Or did the planners and urban planners sometimes get it wrong?
From the Amsterdam Grachtengordel to the highway network and the Noord-Oostpolder, the Netherlands is constantly being renovated and renewed. The country is never finished. This fully updated book provides insight into the culture and development of urban and regional planning in the Netherlands. An indispensable textbook for planners, urban planners, geographers, administrators and practitioners. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789462086234

336 pages, 200 illustrations, 24 x 17 cm, hardcover, Dutch