Roland Topor: Panoptikum

Edition Folkwang, Steidl & Diogenes, 2019


In the French art and culture of the second half of the 20th century Roland Topor is an exception. No one else has worked in so many creative fields as he has during his lifetime. Topor was a tireless draftsman and illustrator, but also the author of a wealth of novels, short stories and stage plays. In addition, he wrote scripts and appeared in films, directed in the theater, designed sets and costumes and created not least over one hundred posters.

The connecting element of these broad activities is Topor’s fascination for the absurdities and inadequacies of existence. With special preference he looks into the depths of human interaction. Topor’s observations flow into surreal scenes that oscillate between wit and horror and ideally create a moment of cognition in the viewer, reader or viewer.

In addition to satirical ink drawings for newspapers and magazines of the 1960s, the exhibition catalog at Museum Folkwang shows Topor’s rich illustrative work based on drawings and books from more than three decades. Important examples of his printmaking, a representative selection of posters and animated cartoons based on templates from Topor will also be presented, as well as some original costumes from the staging of Mozart’s Magic Flute at the Essen Aalto-Theater (1990), which will be shown for the first time together with the drawings by Topor they were tailored. IN GERMAN!

ISBN: 9783958295414

224 pages, 22 x 26.5 cm, hardcover, German