Robert Mallet-Stevens: Villa Cavrois (Sensitinéraires)

Jocelyn Bouraly, Hoëlle Corvest

Editions du Patrimoine & Centre des Monuments Nationaux, 2019


This volume proposes to “read with fingers” the most exceptional building of the modern movement: the Villa Cavrois built in 1932 by the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens for a rich industrialist of the North. Restored and open to the public from June 2015, it is now one of the jewels of the network of sites of the Center des monuments nationaux.

It is also an opportunity for the designers of the collection to offer a tactile reading of new materials: brick, marble, rare and precious woods, ceramics, parquet, chrome and brushed aluminum, not to mention the plants of a park original. As for previous volumes, these boards will be engraved on the precious Japanese paper Pachica, whose velvety and “memory” can guarantee a unique quality. A new box simulating the facades of the villa enhances the flagship touch panels of the collection.

Since its inception, the collection ‘Sensitineries’ has been supported by many companies and foundations concerned with improving the integration of visually impaired people and their access to all aspects of everyday life, including the arts and culture. Thanks to the support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, the “Sensitineries” Villa Cavrois will mark a new stage in this collection.

In 2015, the two masters of the collection, Christian Bessigneul, engraver, and Laurent Nogues, embosser and master of art, received the “Talents d’exception” award from the Liliane Bettencourt Prize.

ISBN: 9782757705735

Box with 29 tactile plates in relief print, 31.5 x 31.5 cm, booklet of 60 pages with color photos, music CD, French