Rilke en de wijsheid: De kunstenaar als leraar

Jan Oegema

Prometheus, 2021


Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) is an artist with a talent for teaching. With original and thoughtful phrases – “Live your questions now” – he forces his readers to think about life, their life. In that respect he is not inferior to Socrates or Meister Eckhart, for example. This is a book of poems, letter quotes, philosophy and a meditation exercise from 1905. It outlines Rilke’s development as a teacher and tells how, as a young artist, he finds two teachers himself, Lou Salomé and Auguste Rodin. One turns him into an Art Nouveau hipster with daring ideas about religion and sexuality. The other a hard worker who values ​​discipline and observing attentively.
Rilke as a student and teacher: that is an interesting angle, also because he shows so many faces in both roles. He is a rare type of Master, someone who has to tolerate that he keeps changing and is at most suitable as an indicator. His themes are nature, love and mourning. His basic concept is inwardness. His greatest mantra is the unity of life and death. But what does that mantra mean?
It is time to rethink the artist as a teacher. And about admiration and affection, because as Nietzsche says: there are people you can trust more than yourself. IN DUTCH !


ISBN: 9789044646504

272 pages, b/w illustrations, 21,4 x 13,7 cm, paperback, Dutch