Rebecca Horn: Théâtre des métamorphoses

Emma Lavigne, Alexandra Müller

Centre Pompidou-Metz, 2019


The exhibition devoted to Rebecca Horn at the Centre Pompidou-Metz will explore the creative process of the artist, exposing the dialogue which was established between her works over five decades, whilst undertaking to put into perspective the sources of influence – surrealist, alchemical, theatrical and cinematographical. By calling upon, in the form of a montage, different systems of images, notably a rich corpus of archival documents, this work opens up new perspectives on the work of Rebecca Horn, looked at again in the light of transversal themes and previously unseen trials, by Philippe-Alain Michaud, curator responsible for the film collection at the Musée national d’art moderne Centre Pompidou in Paris, as well as the curators Emma Lavigne and Alexandra Müller. IN FRENCH



220 pages, 27,2 x 22,6 cm, paperback, French