Purple 36: The Mexican Issue

Purple Institute, 2021


Mexico has always been a place to escape, to disappear, to die, but also to live again. In a period of global control and social conformity, Mexico is a powerful source of creativity, surprise, psycho-magic, cosmic sensations, and time travel. Moreover, Mexico has always opened its doors to the world. Countless artists, writers, political figures, and refugees have spent time there, escaped there. For this oversized issue, ‘Purple’ set up an office in the heart of Mexico City, to connect with the art scene, to meet Mexican artists, designers, photographers, and models, and to explore this baroque world from within, to see how this radiant country is widening its influence.

Purple magazine issue #36 is dedicated to MEXICO and features 15 covers, but it is not possible to choose a specific cover

– Ami by Olivier Zahm
– Balenciaga by Juergen Teller
– Bottega Veneta by Olivier Zahm
– Chanel by Dario Catellani
– Dior by Markn and Brigita Žižytė
– Eliza Douglas
– Fendi by Amanda Charchian
– Gucci by Bárbara Sánchez-Kane
– Josef Albers
– Louis Vuitton by Suffo Moncloa
– Miu Miu by Jeremy Everett
– Paloma Contreras Lomas
– Robert Nava
– Samuel Guerrero
– Sara Esparza by Olivier Zahm

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530 pages, illustrations in color en b/w, 33 x 24 cm, hardcover, English