Penelope Lively: Leven in de tuin

Penelope Lively

De Geus, 2020


‘Penelope Lively blends cultural history and personal memories of gardening perfectly, in a style that is elegant, erudite and mildly ironic’ – VPRO Boeken
Take a literary walk through the gardens of the British writer Penelope Lively: from the oasis in Cairo where she grew up to the small urban garden in North London that she still cares for in old age. Return with her to the gardens of literature and painting that she visited in the intervening years, for a last stroll and a satisfied look at all that plant splendor. After more than eighty-five years of reading, writing and rooting in the earth, Penelope Lively articulates gardener’s happiness like no other. IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789044541366

221 pages, geïllustreerd, 20,8 x 13 cm, hardcover, Dutch