Panamarenko: Dixit

Jo Coucke

Hannibal, 2021


1.572 / 5.000
Panamarenko – the artist, the man and the human being – in word and image.
“My work is seen as boy science, because there is no name for it. But what if childhood dreams come of age, in their own right? If you can perform them, with more and more experience and training – what do you get? Then you get… Panamarenko!”
— Panamarenko

Belgian artist Panamarenko (1940-2019) is one of the most imaginative visual artists of all time. He is both the inventor and builder of planes that can in principle fly, of a gigantic airship and a habitable flying boat, of a theoretically seaworthy submarine, of childishly touching chickens walking around, of a flying saucer that soars to the stars on interplanetary magnetic fields. , and of many other wonderful dream-craft.

He is the creator of an oeuvre that represents an unconventional, highly personal interpretation of the concept of art, but he was also groundbreaking in the interpretation of his vision and opinion. Using verbatim quotes from the numerous interviews that Panamarenko has given, art historian Jo Coucke brings together the often blunt statements of the legendary master about art, science and life in his posthumous master class, which reads like an ultimate monologue. Stephan Vanfleteren accompanies the texts with a selection of penetrating images. Both do this with the utmost respect for the spirit of Panamarenko’s artistry and on the basis of their many years of interaction with the man and his work.p> IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789464366150

144 pages, illustrations in bichromia, 16,5 x 11,3 cm, Dutch