Out There: Landscape Architecture on Global Terrain

Andres Lepik (Ed.)

Hatje Cantz, 2017


City and country are generally regarded as opposites. The urban, with its constructed spaces and places, is separated from nature, with its mature landscapes and clearings. But today’s landscape architecture explores both of them as a single system, making it possible to see the mutual dependency of these supposedly opposing developments. In view of massive changes in ecological systems, as well as increasing migration and the spread of unplanned human settlements, landscape architecture is also being confronted with global challenges.
Out There: Landscape Architecture in the Global Terrain is a plea to redefine the discipline’s position. Innovative but complex approaches are presented in examples of specific projects from all over the world. Landscape architecture today commits itself to the spatial systems that will shape tomorrow’s society.

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ISBN: 9783775742597

160 pagina's, 180 illustraties in kleur, 23,3 × 16,5 cm, paperback, Engels