Modern Heraldry: Vol.1 Seals, Stamps, Crests & Shields

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Jon Dowling

Counter-Print, 2021


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Modern Heraldry from Counter-Print was originally printed in 2015 and has now been fully refreshed as a tactile softback with a die-cut cover. As before, the book contains over 350 trademarks based on heraldic symbology. Separated out into four chapter headings (seals, stamps, crests & shields), the content showcases a broad and contemporary treatment of the trademark and features the work of Anagrama, Atipus, Bielke+Yang, Olle Eksell, Toko, Paris+Hendzel Studio, dn&co., Firmalt, Tsto, Werklig, Greenspace and many more (including Leeds-own Passport!)


ISBN: 9780957081673

144 pages, illustrated, 21 x 15 cm, paperback, English