Michael Schmidt: Frauen

Walther König, 2000


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German photographer Michael Schmidt concentrated in the period 1997-1999 on shooting portraits and photographs of young women, their bodies, both fully dressed and undressed. In Michael Schmidt’s view, these women’s self-awareness was increasingly translating itself into a new conception of the body. His photographs put the downward levelling of individuality centre stage as the consequence of socially mediated norms and ideals. These make themselves felt in a wide range of areas, from the choice of outer garments and underwear to the stylisation of the body, literally inscribing themselves on people’s physical appearance, posture and bearing as imprints, scars and traumata. (Michels Scmidt)

He presented the Frauen as a block or tableau at the World Expo 2000 in Hannover and at the 6th Berlin Biennale, emphasising what this age group have in common instead of the individual.
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140 pages, b/w photographs, 30,3 x 24,3 cm, hardcover with plastic jacket