Michael Borremans: The Badger’s Song

Series 2013-2020

Michaël Borremans

Zeno X Books, Hannibal & Franz König Books, 2020


Overview of all series of paintings by Belgian artist Michaël Borremans since 2013

Michaël Borremans (° 1963) paintings, drawings and films are characterized by ambiguity and contradiction. He creates seemingly familiar scenes with technical virtuosity, which on closer inspection have a disruptive effect. He combines black humor, violence, absurdism and beauty with each other, resulting in alienating images, where the subject appears to be in an undefined time and space.

This catalog provides an overview of all works that Michaël Borremans has conceived in series since 2013. This includes seven different series, including “Black Mold”, “Fire from the Sun” and “Girl with Hands”. Most of these works have never been published before. Working in series is a recent development in Borremans’ oeuvre.

Michaël Borremans has had solo exhibitions at Galerie Rudolfinum in Prague, CAC Malaga, Dallas Museum of Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, BOZAR in Brussels, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, The Cleveland Museum of Art, S.M.A.K. in Ghent, the Appel Arts Center in Amsterdam and Parasol Unit in London.


ISBN: 9789463887564

176 pagina's, kleurillustraties, 38 x 27,5 cm, geen tekst, hardcover