Mastering Contemporary Jewelry Design

Loretta Lam

Schiffer, 2021


An accessible and easy-to-use guide to the principles and elements of jewelry design, this resource helps jewelry makers of all skill levels take their designs from good to great. Instructor and expert Loretta Lam offers guidance on working with a wide array of materials, along with exercises to help you explore new design concepts before applying them to your work directly. Dozens of stunning examples from designers around the world help inspire anyone looking for a new source of creativity. Learn how to discover your personal inspiration and process, master the use of the design elements and principles, establish a design hierarchy and find your voice, draw on the inestimable value of critique, and more. You will keep this book close at hand and pick it up time and again for inspiration and as an essential reference.


ISBN: 9780764359194

176 pages, color illustrations, 27 x 23 cm, hardcover, English