Martin Kippenberger. 67 Improved Papertigers not Afraid of Repetition

Martin Kippenberger

Schirmer/Mosel, Munich, 2012


Martin Kippenberger, legendary German painter, performance and installation artist, approached art with a sort of “free for all” naivety, stripping away art’s glamour and hierarchy. He was also a sharp-tongued and playful mocker. This collection of aphorisms, first published by Julie Sylvester in 1987, appears in a new edition – a slender work Kippenberger wrote in English in New York. 67 Improved Papertigers Not Afraid Of Repetition experiments with the principle of repetition and shows the now legendary artist of the German art scene for wath he is: a master of fencing.

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ISBN: 9783829603508

48 pagina's, 25 × 17 cm, paperback, Engels/Duits